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Is Your Office Making You Sick?

 Office Energy vs. Office Lethargy                                                          

With the economy struggling, anyone fortunate enough to have a steady paying job needs to keep their productivity high during working hours. Autopilot isn’t going to cut it. You want to be indispensable! To be indispensable you need to be healthy and energetic.

Here are some of my strategies for making every work day healthy:

  1. Sleep. Sure, it’s tempting to stay late at work when you are working on a project, but don’t sacrifice sleep. When you are in bed, put away the spreadsheets and work-related papers – they will only make it harder for you to fall asleep. Sleep should occur naturally in a calm, relaxed environment. You cannot do your best work if you are sleep deprived. Sleep is when your mind consolidates memory, allowing you to recall information readily.

  2. Exercise. Plan your workouts early in the day so that you arrive at work energized. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain. By relieving stress and elevating mood, exercise helps us to concentrate better.

  3. Eat a good breakfast. Steer clear of bagels, muffins or doughy pastries! Your brain needs to be powered by longer lasting fuels with protein and slowly digested carbohydrates. Ideal breakfast proteins are eggs, yogurt, tofu or cottage cheese. Include some fruit to add vitamins and fiber. Instead of an afternoon snack from the vending machine, eat a piece of fruit.

  4. Sit as little as possible. Whether it’s delivering a message to a colleague or going out for lunch, get up and move. Get up and stretch. Try to expose yourself to some sunlight outside; walk to work or take a 5 minute stroll in the afternoon. Use the stairs instead of the escalator.

  5. Drink water throughout the day. Dehydration makes you feel sluggish.

Work time comprises most of our day so it just makes sense to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices here. Be proactive towards your own health, none of the above suggestions are difficult or impossible.

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