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Dr. Jana Klauer – author of How the Rich Get Thin
shares her tips for how to get in tip-top bikini shape this summer
With long summer days and nights just around the corner, it’s high time to take stock of your diet and exercise regimen. Before bikini season is in full-swing, here are my top three tips to help make this summer the healthiest ever for you. Don’t forget the sunscreen
1.      Try on your clothes from last summer now. Are they a little snug? Hmmm, this may be the fault of your dry cleaner, or it could be that you’ve put on a few pounds. Clothes arc a bet- ter indicator than the scale because of waist size. The waist of your slacks or favorite skirt doesn’t change, but fat can accumulate around the middle, even if your weight is stable. Abdominal fat differs from other fat stores in that it raises the risk for cardiovascular disease and even cancer! A waist size of more than 35 inches for a female or 40 inches for a male is the cut-off point. If your waist is expanding, even if it isn’t at the cut-off point yet, it is highly recommended that you address the issue through diet and daily exercise. Maintaining a healthy body weight is a key factor to living a vital and long life.
2.      Use summer’s bounty to give yourself the healthiest diet imaginable. Here are the top foods you should eat daily.
·         Fish. As you know, fish is a lean protein source, full of enormously beneficial omega-3 fats. The arteries are protected by omega-3 fats, and in the heart, omega-3 fats reduce the possibility for abnormal heart rhythms. Our brain is also composed of large amounts of omega-3 fat. So by eating fish and seafood, you are protecting your heart and mind. One of my favorites is ‘Wild King salmon from the Yukon River. Each serving has approximately 1,000 mg of omega-3 fat. Caviar is a great one too!
·         Vegetables offer a culinary and visual feast. The color of the vegetable indicates the benefit to the body—the brighter the color, the more vitamins they contain. Deep green vegetables are sources of vitamin A and the B complex, and yellow ones supply beta carotene. Try backing your own sweet potato chips by slicing them thinly, seasoning with salt, and backing them on a lightly oiled baking sheet at 375 degrees until crisp. Delicious!
·         Herbs also contain high amounts of antioxidants. Use fresh herbs to give taste and complexity to meals. As a suggestion: one of my favorite summer breakfasts is scrambled omega-3 eggs with fresh tarragon (chopped, about one handful), tomatoes, and watercress. The green color says fresh. Watercress (a member of the nasturtium family) contains flavinoids and vitamin C, which act together to protect against cancer.
·         Berries are abundant during summer months and offer amazing benefits to the body. Blueberries contain resveratrol, which protects the heart, and pterostilbene, a natural cholesterol lowering agent. I suggest freezing them in large quantities for winter as blueberries found in supermarkets during winter are grown in South America with high amounts of pesticides. Strawberries have high amounts of vitamin C. Raspberries contain polyphenols and tannins, benefiting digestive health.
3.      Elevate your normal exercise routine. Summer is the perfect time to move your exercise to a higher level. Challenge yourself. Consider starting the summer off with a week at a camp for tennis or golf. If you are a class B tennis player, arrange matches with class A tennis players. Sign up for a charity run or bike ride. Try a new sport. If we keep doing the same old thing every day, we lose intensity!
Keep these three simple points in mind this season, and get ready for your healthiest, sexiest, and fittest summer ever!
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