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Dr. Jana Klauer is not only one of New York City’s top nutritionists but she is also one of the few nutrition experts with an M.D. degree. She knows the chemistry of food and how it interacts with the human body backwards and forwards. Although she treats people with special requirements for dieting and illness, she also very much believes in helping those who seek to find a sustainable, healthy, and balanced way of living. Julie Wilcox sat down with Dr. Klauer to interview her about how she achieves a healthy, vital, and balanced life for herself through moderation rather than deprivation, over-indulgence, or yo-yoing in between.

JWM: What are the top 5 things on your grocery list this winter?

JK: Fage yogurt or sheep’s milk yogurt with ginger.

Green Veggies like kale, spinach, arugula, and broccoli.

Berries: blue (picked and frozen) blackberries, seasonal cumquats, red grapefruit, and oranges.

Other Veggies: shitake mushrooms, onions, peppers, parsley, dill.

Whole grain bread crumbs, fish (canned Alaskan wild salmon packed in olive oil).

JWM: What is your winter workout?

JK: I work out with a trainer 2-3 days a week.

JWM: What do you do with your trainer?

JK: I workout on machines for balance, core strength, and leg tone.

JWM: And what else do you do?

JK: I walk and jog in central park.

JWM: At what pace?

JK: I walk at about 4.5mph and then do intervals with a slow jog. I am currently doing intervals walking for 5 minutes and jogging for 1 minute, for a total of forty minutes to one hour.

JWM: Is that it for the week?

JK: I also do Pilates once a week with a private trainer.

What is the next big diet trend? Why?

A current trend I like is juice bars. I like the idea that people are turning to fresh vegetable juices as a way to add additional vegetables to their diet. I personally have a VitaMix blender at home, which is able to juice from all vegetables or fruits without having to peel them. Fabulous machine! My favorite juices include green veggie juices and beet juice. We all need more vegetables in our diets—people need to watch out for calories so they are turning to healthy juices. In addition, I see trends towards vegetarianism, spinning, yoga, and organic foods.

JWM: What is the biggest misconception in the current nutrition climate?

JK: People who focus only on dieting and caloric intake are not quite clear about what it means to eat a healthy diet. It is best to focus on nutrition and what is affecting the brain rather than on all the other stuff. For instance, the green plant pigments that have been shown to protect vision are lutein and zeaxanthin. These components are found in high concentration in the retina of the eye and prevent macular degeneration. And, it is critical to stay away from preserved foods, even bottled green teas and juices.

JWM: What is the best advice you can give to a person who wants to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle without being on a continual diet, who is looking to maintain versus to lose weight.

JK: Exercise doesn’t have to be workouts all the time. I give my clients pedometers to see how many steps they take throughout any given day of their life. They are amazed when they see how much more exercise they could be doing if they just took a few more steps each day.
JWM: Thank you Jana!

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