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March 2006 "How The Rich Get Thin"

By Glenn Mueller
eDiets Senior Writer

Park Avenue in New York City is one of the most prominent locations in the entire world. Have you ever wondered how the residents of this prestigious neighborhood manage to look so thin and stay so healthy? Believe it or not, the stunning figures you see walking around the Upper East Side of Manhattan are not simply the product of favorable genes or plastic surgeries. However, those people fortunate enough to live and work on Park Avenue do have one "secret" advantage: weight-loss expert Dr. Jana Klauer.

Now, in her best-selling book How The Rich Get Thin, New York's leading diet doctor reveals some important lessons that everyone can learn from her wealthiest clients. Even if you aren't fortunate enough to make your home on Park Avenue, Dr. Klauer says you can put the Park Avenue mind-set to work in your own life.

"The reason why the people on Park Avenue are so successful is that they have a plan for absolutely every aspect of their lives," Dr. Klauer tells eDiets. "Many people out there neglect to plan two of the most important things: the foods they will eat and the amount of daily exercise they can squeeze in."

According to Dr. Klauer, another area in which the Park Avenue crowd particularly excels is stress management. Though a fast and hectic pace of life goes with the territory, she teaches her patients to respond to the stresses of everyday life in a positive manner. Some of the long-term strategies she recommends for controlling stress include getting regular amounts of sleep, concentrating on breathing and self-hypnosis.

"New York is a stressful environment, but it is your reaction to the stress that determines whether it will have an impact on your health," Dr. Klauer says.

Not only must they contend with extremely high levels of stress, but Dr. Klauer says her wealthy clients are also constantly being exposed to a culture of excess. This requires them to display tremendous discipline in order to make the healthiest possible choices.

"Many of my clients regularly attend events where people are eating and drinking in a grand manner," Dr. Klauer says. "They have to learn how to treat their bodies with respect."

Though she realizes that not everyone can afford to eat organic food or hire a personal trainer, Dr. Klauer says there are certain things everyone must do to lose weight and stay healthy. Now, in this eDiets exclusive, Dr. Klauer shares her "5 nonnegotiables."

"These are the things that make a difference between people that lose weight, and those who keep it off for good," Dr. Klauer says.

1. Daily Exercise: According to Dr. Klauer, exercise must be scheduled into your daily routine. She says if you don't exercise regularly, you will get flabby and fat. Dr. Klauer also practices what she preaches, she makes it a point to go running every morning for an hour.

"Look at someone like Oprah," Dr. Klauer says. "She may be the wealthiest woman in the United States, but this prominent celebrity makes it a point to exercise. No one can do it for her. If that is true for Oprah, it is true for everybody."

2. Protein: High-quality forms of protein are vital for the function of the human body. In fact, Dr. Klauer recommends eating some form of protein with every meal.

"Too often, people skimp on protein and rely on a snack of cookies or other carbohydrates," Dr. Klauer says.

3. Calcium: Calcium has so many benefits for the human body that Dr. Klauer often refers to it as "the miracle mineral." She says the majority of people in our society aren't getting their daily calcium requirement.

"Cut your calories, but don't cut your calcium," Dr. Klauer says.

4. Conquering Your Food Cravings: No matter how disciplined you are when attempting to lose weight, Dr. Klauer says you will eventually experience cravings. In order to help her clients get these urges under control, Dr. Klauer teaches them to employ the "Stop! Watch! Method." Under this method, she advises patients to set a stopwatch for fifteen minutes, drink a large glass of water and eat a high protein snack.

"Cravings usually occur at a certain time of day," Dr. Klauer says. "Pay attention to your body's signals."

5. Elimination Of All Processed Food: According to Dr. Klauer, the processed foods that fill most supermarkets stimulate your appetite and actually have no benefit to your health. Even though it is a little bit more expensive, she advises people to stock up on vegetables and fruits.

"Ask yourself what benefit a particular food will have on your body," Dr. Klauer says. "If you can't think of an answer to that question, it probably doesn't have any."

Dr. Klauer would like everyone to realize that they are the CEO of the most magnificent organization in the universe -- the human body. Regardless of economic status, she hopes everyone will learn to take care of their health in order to make their own body the best of brand.

"There are many ways of living richly, but taking care of your health is one of the best," Dr. Klauer says. "You can be the wealthiest person on earth, but if you lose your health, it becomes meaningless."

If you are ready to start living richly, click here to order your own copy of Dr. Klauer's book: How The Rich Get Thin.

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