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January 2006 "Melt Belly Fat Fast"

Ultra-fast and ultra healthy, this diet doctor's plan hits your worst trouble spot-and your whole body! - with a fat - burning triple whammy so powerful, it can reshape your figure in a single weekend!

Park Avenue types aren't just famously rich and thin – they're also known for getting exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. As in, "I need to lose my bel-ly fat now." Enter Jana Klauer, M.D. She's Park Avenue's premier diet doctor, and for good reason: Dr. . Klauer has a spe-cial plan that can take an inch off your waist in a weekend. In other words, Friday you're in size-14 jeans, and by Monday you're in a size 12. It's Park Avenue magic!

The plan is not your typical crash diet. "It's probably much healthier than how you normal-ly eat," promises Dr. Klauer, author of How the Rich Get Thin. "It's rich in nutrients, sta-bilizes blood-sugar levels, gets rid of bloat and shifts fat -burning into high gear. You lose very quickly, especially from your midsection." Credit goes to a get-slim triple whammy:

-Calcium melts 280% more belly fat
A new study from the Universi-ty of Tennessee found that dieters who ate exactly the same number of calories and percentages of protein, carbs and fat still lost
2.8 times more belly fat if they got 1,200 mg. of calcium per day than if they got none. The explana-tion? Calcium gets fat sizzling. "If you put fat cells in a test tube, they break down more quickly when you add enough calcium," says Dr. Klauer, whose plan provides 1,300 mg. of calcium daily. "And belly fat-which is metabolical-ly different than fat on, say, your hips and thighs-has receptors that allow calcium to speed the process even more."

-Protein triples calorie burn
To stimulate even more fat burning, Dr. Klauer calls for meals that are, packed with 105 grams of protein per day. "To digest protein, the body has to use up to three times more calories than it does when digesting simple carbs," she notes. Of course, much of the protein comes from fat-melting dairy. The rest comes from fish, which boosts metabolism more than any other protein choice!

-Water blocks "rebound" fat
When fat burns, it leaves behind a kind of "soot" that scientists call ketone bodies. "New research suggests that unless there's enough hydration to flush ketone bodies away quick-ly, they may attach to receptors on fat cells, reducing fat loss," cautions Dr. Klauer. To prevent this from happening, you simply have to hydrate: "Drinking lots of water keeps ketones low."This also happens to be the best cure for bloating, since a body that gets plenty of water doesn't need to stockpile the stuff. Some final words of encouragement: "It's only three days," says Dr. Klauer. "Just jump right in." The only thing you've got to lose is those extra pounds!

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