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November 2005, "Balanced diet, excercise - and go easy on the fads."

As diet books get back to basics, the "Keep It Simple, Stupid" philosophy is giving low carb a swift kick in the rear. But will common sense sell?

There is a book with such a provocative title "How the Rich Get Thin: Park Avenue's Top Diet Doctor Reveals the secret to losing Weigh and Feeling Great" by Jana Klauer (St. Martin's Jan.)
Dr. Klauer, who has a practice in Manhattan, is big on –you guessed it- portion control. "Portions have just gotten out of control in the U.S.," she laments. As an example, Klauer points out that wine glasses have gotten bigger. The recommended serving size of a glass of Chardonnay is three and a half to four ounces, yet, Klauer points out, the best selling wine glass at Tiffany's holds 12 ounces, "and at Pottery Barn, it's 16 ounces!" She also advocates exercising every day, putting protein and calcium high on your list, resisting cravings and cutting processed foods out of your diet. Oh, and drink plenty of mineral water with lemon or lime. Basic strategies, it seems, that would work in pretty much any zip code. Klauer admits that "the whole rich people thing" is a marking move: "I think there's a certain mystery about ‘what rich people do?' But the truth of the matter is, it's a catchy title. The information in the book works just as well for someone who's not a wealthy individual. You certainly can adapt things to whatever your circumstances", whether that means taking a daily 30 minute walk or working out with a personal trainer three times a week.

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