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April 2004, "Skinny Secrets Of Haute Nutritionists"

Dr. Jana Klauer is a weight reduction physician, who attended Mount Sinai School of Medicine and has a Masters degree in clinical nutrition from Columbia. But most of you probably already know this, as she treats many fashion clientele (but won't name names).

Her practice is located at 82nd and Park Avenue in Manhattan.

What is a typical day like for you?
I get up at 5:15AM every morning and work out. I don't exactly leap up with joy to greet the dawn but I get myself out of that warm bed. I then work out with my trainer or go on the treadmill for 40 minutes at Equinox or I run in Central Park. In my practice, we have morning walks in Central Park. I see patients in my office on Park Avenue 8:30AM-5:00PM. Breakfast is always protein: omega-3 eggs or yogurt or smoked salmon with melon or berries. Lunch is salad and protein. I drink lots of water throughout the day and I make it a point to have 2 snacks: one fruit and one protein. Dinner with my husband is usually a salad and fish with vegetable at our neighborhood restaurants: Brio or Le Bilboquet. I go to bed with the chickens at 10:00PM.

Why did you enter the field of nutrition?
I saw so many patients whose medical conditions were caused, or directly affected, by their weight and there were no physicians who were addressing this. I felt that this was the ultimate prevention medicine-and I was right. I see people turn their health around all the time in my practice. It's very exciting!

What do you love most about your job? What do you like least?
It inspires me to see individuals confront the challenges of weight loss and to, day after day, stay with the diet, even when it is boring, and just get it done. That they have the courage to get up onto the scale and face whatever number their weight has become and do something about it is wonderful. I guess what I like least about my work is when an individual chooses not to do this.

What qualities do you need to succeed in your field?
The most important quality is to realize the potential of the individual and respect their uniqueness. A cookie cutter approach doesn't work.

Who in the health/fitness/medical industry inspires you?
There are so many extraordinary physicians in NYC, it really is difficult to single out any of them. Dr. Marianne Legato is an internist who has pioneered work in gender specific medicine, cares deeply about her patients, and fights like a pit bull for what she thinks is right. Dr. Louis Aronne was one of the first physicians in NYC to devote his practice to obesity and he gave me my start in working in this area.

What did you eat today?
Pre-gym: Big glass of water Breakfast: Skim cappuccino, egg white omelet with feta and asparagus, sliced fruit
Morning snack: Apple
Lunch: Spinach salad with 4 grilled shrimp and balsamic vinaigrette and waterAfternoon snack: Total 0% yogurt with baby carrots and grape tomatoes
Dinner: Throwing a dinner party: I will serve artichokes for a first course, the main course is coq au vin, string beans and wild rice with wild mushrooms. For dessert I am serving a fresh apricot soufflé with a raspberry sauce. I am preparing all of this myself and it is all low in fat and fabulous.

What diet do you subscribe to?
While I individualize plans for my patients that help them to lose weight rapidly and keep the weight off, I do think that, broadly speaking, most people have too many empty calories in their diet plans. I recommend protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal. Eat every 3 hours or so, so that you are never starving. Drink lots of water. Exercise.

What are your top 3 tips for eating a healthy meal?
1) Watch your portion size
2) Avoid processed foods
3) Make sure to have high quality protein and vegetables

What books do you recommend?
The Omega Connection by Andrew Stoll, MD, explains the importance of omega 3fats for physical and mental health.
The Okinawa Program by Bradley Willcox, MD, describes the diet and the lifestyle of longest-lived people in the world.
Newsletters from Harvard and Tufts--universities offer good dietary advice.

What websites do you recommend?

Other than weight loss, what is the #1 request made by your patients as a nutritional goal?
Most people complain of a lack of energy. Often we discover that they have a metabolic reason for this-their fasting glucose may be too high (insulin resistance) or they may have clinical or preclinical hypothyroidism (often overlooked). These conditions are addressed by medication and diet. And once treatment is started and a diet and exercise plan is in place, the individual feels and looks younger and healthier than they have in years!

What is the one nutrition myth that you would like to debunk?
There are some foods that are thought to be diet foods- this implies that it is all right to eat these while you are trying to lose weight. These foods include: pretzels, SnackWells, frozen yogurt with lots of sugar. These absolutely do not help at all with weight loss; in fact, they are simple carbohydrates, which are digested quickly and leave you hungrier than before. You are better off eating an apple or some roasted turkey or a piece of cheese. These foods are far more satisfying in the long run.
Also: most women who are dieting do not consume adequate calcium; what they don't know is that calcium can actually help them to lose weight because it turns on the fat burner in the fat cell. And this effect is greatest with diary calcium rather than supplements.

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