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June/July 2006 "The Image Makers"

Jana Klauer, M.D., has a posh Park Avenue practice, and just published How the Rich Get Thin, but her sage diet and nutrition advice is for everyone.

HER MISSION: I help brides get in shape before the wedding so they can slip into their gowns with confidence.

MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Skipping meals-usually break-fast. A healthy breakfast will stave off hunger pangs until lunch and energize you for the day. Try nonfat yogurt and berries or an egg-white omelet with low-fat cheese.

THE NUMBERS: It takes 3,500 unburned calories to gain one pound of fat, so to lose a pound, you must create a 3,500 -calorie deficit. To lose weight safely, aim to shed one or two pounds a week.

THREE KEYS TO DIET SUCCESS: Avoid processed foods, don't skip meals, include protein with every meal.

PRACTICE PORTION CONTROL: Restaurants routinely serve two, sometimes even three times the amount of food you need, so don't clean your plate. A protein serving should not be much larger than the palm of your hand.

DIET SABOTAGE: As soon as you announce your engagement, along come the parties and showers. You're so caught up in the excitement that you eat without paying attention. Ask yourself: What benefit does this have for my body? CALCIUM

CONNECTION: There are studies that have shown that calcium from dairy sources helps the body burn fat, especially belly fat. Aim for 1,200 milligrams daily.

STARBUCKS ALERT: A macchiato with whipped cream is over 600 calories. That's not a breakfast drink, that's dessert! A better choice is coffee with fat-free milk (about 25 calories). SMART SIPPING: Drink water throughout the day. What feel like hunger pangs may actually be thirst, so it's the first line of defense in fending off food cravings.

FOR MORE INFO: 212/288-9595 or --C.S.

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