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July 2003, "What Your Body Really Needs"

Who's Eating What Now
What are the latest diet trends?
Nine women share their eating, drinking and exercise regimes and a nutritionist reveals the current news on the healthiest plan for you.

ALEXANDRA VON FURSTENBERG director of image and new business for Diane Von Furstenburg
My diet used to consist mainly of fruits and salads. I also worked out constantly - running, weight training, Pilates, you name it. But after giving birth to my second child, my sister suggested I try the Atkins diet. Since starting this program, I've never been skinnier even though the only exercise I do is yoga once a week.
7:30a.m. Cup of coffee with half-and-half
8:30a.m. Two fried eggs with bacon
9:30a.m. Cup of coffee with half-and-half
10:00a.m. Bottle of water
1:00p.m. Greek salad with grilled chicken
1:15p.m. Can of diet Coke
1:30p.m. Bottle of water
5:30p.m. A few bites of the kids' meatball dinner
8:00p.m. Steak with spinach and a side salad
Total calories consumed: Approximately 1450* Nutritionist's Comments
Good Habits: Eating a lot of protein. Also, drinking a good supply of water throughout the day.
Bad Habits: Consuming a high amount of saturated fat. She should substitute grilled fish for the steak portion of her dinner and add fruit for dessert.

Though I have never dieted, I do not enjoy desserts. What I do love are oysters with a glass of wine - at any time of day. For exercise I horseback ride, swim and ski.
7:30a.m. Glass of San Pellegrino water
7:45a.m. Cup of coffee
8:00a.m. French baguette with butter
10:30a.m. Glass of San Pellegrino water
11:00a.m. A biscotti
1:00p.m. Steak salad
2:00p.m. Glass of San Pellegrino water
4:00p.m. Glass of fresh squeezed orange juice
7:00p.m. Glass of San Pellegrino water
9:00p.m. One dozen oysters
9:15p.m. Glass of white wine
10:00p.m. Plate of assorted cheeses (Roquefort, brie and mascarpone)
Total Calories Consumed: Approximately 1700* Nutritionist's Comments
Good Habits: Getting enough calcium and protein. Oysters are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to prevent such illnesses as heart disease and certain cancers.
Bad Habits: Having a baguette for breakfast. White bread is a simple carbohydrate containing processed flour, which has no nutritional value. A whole-grain roll would be healthier.

I can't get through the day without my morning workout. If I miss one day I feel incomplete.
7:00a.m. Workout (cardio and weight lifting) with trainer for one hour 9:00a.m. Double espresso
12:30p.m. Mixed green salad with cucumbers and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
1:00p.m. Bottle of Fiji water
3:00p.m. Handful of Gummi Bears
6:00p.m. Workout (cardio and weight lifting) at Gold's Gym for two hours
7:00p.m. Bottle of Fiji water
8:45p.m. Eel sashimi, edamame and a glass of San Pellegrino water
Total Calories Consumed: Approximately 1050* Nutritionist's Comments
Good Habits: Drinking a lot of water and working out early in the day. Studies show that people who exercise in the morning work out more consistently than those who postpone their workouts until later in the day.
Bad Habits: Skipping breakfast. Beginning her day with a high-fiber cereal like oatmeal would supply her with vital nutrients and more energy. With her level of exercise, she might want to increase her calories so she doesn't start losing lean muscle mass. Women shouldn't consume fewer than 900 calories a day for an extended period of time.

HOLLY DUNLAP creative director/ founder of Hollywould Shoes
I don't have any willpower , so I never diet or exercise. And I know alcohol is really caloric, but I still drink it - wine at home, vodka when I'm out.
8:00a.m. Cereal with raspberries
8:15a.m. Glass of orange juice
9:00a.m. Cup of coffee with two sugars
1:00p.m. Pasta with chicken and vegetables
1:15p.m. Glass of red wine
5:00p.m. Chocolate candy bar
9:00p.m. Fresh sea bass
9:15p.m. Two glasses of white wine 10:30p.m. One serving of gelatto 11:00p.m. 2 caipiroskas (vodka, lime juice and sugar)
Total Calories Consumed: Approximately 2180* Nutritionist's Comments
Good Habits: Consuming a sufficient amount of protein. And incorporating fruit and vegetables into two of her three meals.
Bad Habits: Drinking too much alcohol. Studies show that one drink per day (one drink equals a 12-ounce beer, four ounces of wine or one ounce of 100-proof spirits) may protect against heart disease. Exceeding this amount increases a woman's risk of developing such illnesses as liver disease and ulcers.

MARCIA KILGORE founder of Bliss Spas
Since I was 11, I've been trying different diets. I recently decided to cut out sugar and am finally losing weight. Thoug I occasionally indulge in chocolate after dinner, I make up for it by running three times a week, practicing Bikram yoga and playing tennis.
7:00a.m. Bottle of water
10:30a.m. Cup of coffee with milk, two sugars
11:00a.m. Four pieces of sugarless gum
1:00p.m. Caesar salad with grilled chicken
2:00p.m. Two pieces of sugarless gum
2:30p.m. Glass of sparkling water
3:00p.m. Two multivitamins
7:00p.m. Bottle of water
7:30p.m. Shrimp cocktail
7:45p.m. Two glasses of white wine
8:00p.m. Cod with asparagus
11:00 p.m. Glass of water
Total Calories Consumed: Approximately 1300* Nutritionist's Comments
Good Habits: Having both a protein source and vegetables at lunch as well as dinner. And consuming a lot of water.
Bad Habits: Not taking enough calcium. She should have a calcium-rich breakfast, like a fruit smoothie with vanilla yogurt.

EDIE FALCO actress
I recently signed up for MetroDiet, which is based on the Zone formula (40 percent carbohydrates/30 percent protein/30 percent fat). Metro delivers a cooler to me daily that contains three delicious meals and two snacks.
7:00a.m. Cup of coffee with milk
7:30a.m. Three mile run with my dogs
9:30a.m. Smoked chicken with cheese quesadilla and a fruit salad
1:00p.m. Grilled chicken, beets, an arugala and blue cheese salad with vinaigrette
3:00p.m. Chocolate-peanut butter flavor ZonePerfect bar
3:30p.m. Bottle of water
7:30p.m. Poached salmon with basmati rice, roasted fennel and sugar snap peas
9:00p.m. Apple crisp
Total Calories Consumed: Approximately 1200* Nutritionist's Comments
Good Habits: Eating a broad mix of fruits, vegetables and protein. Having such a variety likely leaves her devoid of cravings so that she is less prone to snack on junk food between mealtimes.
Bad Habits: Not getting enough calcium. She should consider substituting the ZonePerfect bar with a calcium source like a cup of yogurt or cottage cheese.

CELERIE KEMBLE interior designer
I typically miss about one in six meals because I am so busy that I forget to eat. But for the most part, I don't have a lot of willpower - especially when I go out to dinner. I cannot resist cream sauces and pastas. I do not have a "legitimate" exercise routine, but I am constantly running around for work and climbing stairs to my sixth-floor apartment.
8:30a.m. An English muffin topped with bacon, egg and cheese
9:00a.m. Cup of coffee with milk
12:00p.m. Some cheese slices and an apple
1:30p.m. Bottle of water
3:00p.m. Mozzarella, tomato and basil salad
4:30p.m. S'mores flavor Luna bar
5:00p.m. Bottle of water
8:30p.m. Grilled seafood and risotto
Total Calories Consumed: Approximately 1840* Nutritionist's Comments Good Habits: Eating cheese, a great calcium source.
Bad Habits: Consuming too much saturated fat. For starters, she should replace her morning egg sandwich with an egg-white omelette sauteed in olive oil.

KATHY HILTON entrepeneur
I see a nutritionist and work out three times a week. Mealtimes are about portion control, though I do allow myself a glass of wine once or twice a week at a special dinner or event. If I am careful during the week, I allow myself the occasional weekend splurge of chips or pasta with basil.
9:15a.m. Oatmeal with one-half cup of berries and a cup of herbal tea
10:30a.m. Bottle of Poland Spring water as well as a cup of aloe vera juice to hydrate skin
11:00a.m. Walk on treadmill 20 minutes then weight training and stretching for 40 minutes
1:30p.m. Green cabbage stir-fried in olive oil with a can of Diet Sprite, and one vial of hypertonic marine plasma water after my meal
3:00p.m. A milk-chocolate flavor Viactiv calcium chew
4:30p.m. Fresh pineapple and a bottle of water
8:30p.m. Roasted hen and string beans
10:00p.m. Glass of warm water with lemon
Total Calories Consumed: Approximately 1000* Nutritionist's Comments
Good Habits: Drinking a lot of water, which keeps the body hydrated. Plus, having oatmeal with berries for breakfast, which is high in fiber. Consuming vegetables and fruit throughout the day is very nutritious as well.
Bad Habits: Not taking enough protein, calcium and calories. She could introduce more of these to her diet by having , for example, yogurt as a snack and grilled salmon with lunch.

MARIA PEREZ manager, international communications for Estee Lauder
I love to eat bread and chocolate, and occasionally, I'll drink a glass of wine with dinner. I walk 20 minutes to and from work daily; when I can, I'll do an hour of cardio and weight lifting.
7:30a.m. Cup of fresh squeezed orange juice
8:00a.m. Oatmeal and a cup of coffee with skim milk and two sugars
11:00a.m. An apple
1:00p.m. Sushi (California and spicy tuna rolls)
3:30p.m. One cup of yogurt and coffee
6:00p.m. Handful of almonds
7:30p.m. Rice and beans
10:00p.m. Three glasses of champagne (my weekend splurge when I'm out with friends)
Total Calories Consumed: Approximately 1940* Nutritionist's Comments Good Habits: Having a well rounded diet
Bad Habits: Not drinking enough water.

*All calorie counts for these one-day menus are approximate.

What Your Body Really Needs
Here, nutritionist Jana Klauer, M.D., tells you the key components for a healthy, well-balanced daily food plan.
Dairy: To prevent osteoporosis, consume 1000 milligrams of calcium (1200mg post menopause). Space out servings; your body only absorbs 500mg at once. A cup of milk contains 300mg; one and a half ounces of Swiss cheese, about 400 mg.
Protein: Two to three servings. Best sources: Three ounces (one serving) of chicken, salmon, tuna or other seafood.
Fruits and vegetables: Five to nine servings. An apple and an orange each equal one fruit serving. Half a cup of steamed broccoli or a cup of raw carrot sticks equals one veggie serving.
Grains: Three servings. A slice of whole-wheat bread or half a cup of whole-grain pasta are each one serving. Avoid simple carbs (white rice, white bread), which have little nutritional value.
Water: Two to three liters (eight to 12 glasses). Try to substitute water for diet soda with aspartame (NutraSweet) - also found in some no-fat frozen yogurts.
Vitamins: Though controversy surrounds the subject, some experts suggest multivitamins promote overall health. To reduce heart disease risk, consider taking folic acid, B-12 and B-6.
Calories: The calories needed to maintain or lose weight depend on height, genetics, body type, physical activity and muscle mass. An average-size woman (about five foot five, between 120 and 140 pounds) should have about 1700 calories a day - 500 fewer to lose one pound a week. A smaller woman will require less. Typically one shouldn't consume fewer than 900 calories per day for a prolonged period of time. Reported by Dori Cooperman and Jennifer Bett Meyer.

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